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 Product  Description 

LA10 is a compact linear actuator integrated with micro motor, planet gears, sensor & closed-loop control system characterized by small size, high force & high positioning accuracy, enable users to develop linear driver systems with excellent performance conveniently.

 Product  Parameters 

Product NameMicro Linear Actuator
Product ModelLA10-021D
Voltage6  ~ 8.4V 
Maximum Force70N
No-Load Speed23mm/s @ 8V
Weight22 g
Positioning Accuracy±0.02mm
Ingress ProtectionIP-56
Max Current≤2A
Communication ModeFull duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
Operating Protectionoverload & overheat

 Product  Application 

LA10 Series can be applied to construct Dexterous robot hands、RC Models、Toys、Automation 、Equipments Consumer products.

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