Light Weight Force Controlled Electric Gripper

 Light Weight Force Controlled Electric Gripper

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 Product  Description 

The gripper weights only 200g,which is driven by new type of linear drives. It is also integrated with a high precision force sensor. There are two types of switchable control strategy, force control and stroke control. The grip force is adjustable up to ±1N accuracy in force control strategy and the operation accuracy is up to±0.5mm in stroke control strategy.

 Product  Parameter 

Stroke  0 - 70mm
Maximum Force0*1500g
Weight  200g
Voltage6 - 8.4V 
Positioning Accuracy±0.5mm
Operating Protection overload & overheat
Max Current≤2A
Communication Mode Full duplex  Asynchronous Serial

 Product  Application 

Typical applications including industrial manipulator, autonomous mobile robot, kitchen automation robot etc..

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